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Ferrara artists together in the web music marathon


You are an artist? Candidates

Send your performance to the email info@1maggioferrara.it

or on whatsapp at the number +39 351 595 2501*

Applications open until April 18 at 21:00

* the video must be recorded for the occasion

MAY 1 FERRARA 2021 it will be a time to celebrate The Labor Day. A show designed for social network streaming in the social channels of the Municipality of Ferrara, in which the protagonists will be the people of Ferrara, the city and work.

To do this we need the contribution of all the artists, bands, singers and musical groups who can bring prestige to this day that has never before had profound and important meanings.

All musical genres and covers are admitted to the Contest as long as it is an original performance not the result of videos and evenings, past show houses. The video must be in mpg format or similar and last a maximum of 300 seconds. The enrollment, selection and show is completely free.

1MAGGIOFERRARA will select a minimum of n ° 30 Winning Artists which will be broadcast during the day of 1 May 2021 on the Facebook channel of the Municipality of Ferrara from 4 pm.

From Friday 2 April 2021 at 21:00 of Saturday 18 April 2021 it will be possible to send a video of your singing performance on whatsapp +39 351 595 2501 or by mail to info@1maggioferrara.it. The best singing performances will be selected through a quality jury.