Who will be the protagonists of the 2021 Summer Festival?

Before knowing the artists who will perform on the Summer Festival 2021 stage, we can already say that the real protagonists of the 2021 edition of the music-theater review will be the people of Ferrara.

Even before announcing the names and dates of the summer event, it is clear that the symbolic value of the event will have extreme relevance for the citizens of Ferrara as a bulwark for a new beginning and a new normality.
An industry that of the “show” is strongly in crisis but a city, like Ferrara, which needs a new beginning. "Establishing a common line between all the organizers and promoters of local activities is necessary to redesign a new method of offering declares”The spokesperson for the Ferrara Summer Festival.
Rethinking entertainment more in line with the architectural context and obviously considering all the regulations in terms of safety.

The search is thus open for all associations, organizations and promoters who want to change, to promote the city and create more aware and responsible show containers. The challenge has started soon the calendar of events for this new beginning will arrive.


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